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Doosan machine tools renamed as "DN Solutions"

Doosan machine tools renamed as "DN Solutions"

Doosan Machine Tools will officially change its name to "DN Dean Machine Tools" from June 2, 2022, and will start anew as DN Dean Machine tools together with DN Automotive, a global manufacturing company with 50 years of history.

The D in DN refers to the 45-year history of daewoo, Doosan and DTR Automotive, the predecessor of DN Automotive. 

"N" stands for "Now and New", DN Group will constantly take on New challenges and blaze New trails instead of resting on past achievements.

Now, the company is ready to start again with "Dean Machine Tool", aiming to be "one of the world's top three manufacturing solution enterprises in technology", actively responding to the ever-changing needs of the global market, focusing on research and development, and leading the world's cutting-edge industrial technology.

As an excellent A-class agent of Dooshan Machine Tool, Hua Shinning Machinery Co., Ltd. has been focusing on the whole product business of Dooshan Machine Tool Co., LTD for more than 10 years, has A perfect pre-sales and after-sales service team, and is committed to building A first-class enterprise of intelligent manufacturing machine processing solutions.

Shinning Machinery will continue to develop with Dean Machine tool hand in hand to provide customers with optimal solutions for different trades.

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